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Aerial, Satelite and Tele-Communications

Communication TowersWhatever communication needs your business has, we can provide installations of aerials, satellites and telecommunication lines to ensure that any property can be adapted to any specialist need.

Communication has always been everything in business, and each company brings a range of needs and challenges that have to be met to ensure reliability and flexibility in communicating with customers or receiving up to the minute information via aerial and satellite systems. At the heart of all this is the cabling infrastructure, to carry and distribute the information throughout your building, ensuring everyone who needs it has easy access to it and ideally designing with the future in mind to keep up with changing technology, demands or simply an internal re-arrangement of office space.

Alongside more traditional communications systems such as aerials, satellite dishes and telephone systems, we bring considerable expertise in data cabling installations such as high speed ethernets. In this are particularly technology changes so quickly that properties and businesses can quickly be left behind without a future-looking data cabling installation.

Working extensively throughout London and the south east, but travelling UK wide on a range of fit out and refurbishment projects, our electricians bring decades of experience in cabling across a range of technologies, providing expert consultation on system design and exceptional quality standards of installation, with services including;

  • Aerial cables and wiring
  • Satellite cabling installations
  • Telecommunications cables
  • Copper data cabling
  • High speed fibre optic cables
  • Ethernet cabling systems
  • Cat5E and Cat6 structured cabling

For more details on our commercial electrical contracting services or comprehensive interior fit out services click on the links, or browse some of our recent electrical contracting projects for clients across the UK. To learn more about our services and discuss your cabling requirements contact us at any time and arrange for a full survey and quotation.

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