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Flexible, fast and reliable data cabling

Ethernet Data CablingConveying web traffic and a wide range of other communications, we can design and install high capacity data cabling and ethernet systems that deliver reliability, speed and flexibility for the future.

If your data capacity falls short in modern business it's as bad as downtime on a factory floor, wasting time and money, potentially even costing clients and customers; a failure to deliver important files or communicate effectively via the range of Internet services available can lead to really big problems.

It's essential for most modern businesses to keep up and have infrastructure in place to capably handle the demands of their business and market, ideally with the capacity and flexibility to future proof against change and the ever increasing data demands for companies of all kinds.

Bespoke data cabling to suit any environment

Our team of specialist data cabling installers and electrical contracting specialists also bring extensive experience and understanding of other communications cabling requirements, such as for aerials, satellites and telephone communications, often providing a comprehensive installation of cables of all kinds as part of a complete refit or fit out.

Call us today to speak to one of our data cabling installers. Someone will be on hand to provide you with the information you need on our range of data cabling, PAT testing, electrical testing, CCTV systems and electrical installation services.

The complete Data Cabling Service

Whether cabled to connect to the outside world, or via a high speed ethernet system for exceptional speed and security transferring data between departments internally, we work for clients across the UK particularly in London and the south east providing a range of design, installation and repairs services;

  • Copper data cabling installations
  • High speed fibre optic cabling
  • Ethernet cables and systems
  • Cat5E and Cat6 structured data cabling
  • Comprehensive installation service

Find more on our commercial electrical contracting services and comprehensive interior fit out services on this website, or browse some of our recent electrical contracting projects with clients across the UK. To speak to our team about your specific needs for data cabling and the ways we can help you meet the demands of your business, contact us at any time and arrange for a full survey and quotation.

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