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Lighting, Mains and Sub-Mains Iinstallation

Lighting WiringInstalling the full range of lighting from IT environments to exterior security lights, our team can also design, fit and modernise the mains and sub-mains power systems that drive it all.

Lighting modern commercial interiors makes up a large part of any package of electrical works such as fit outs or refurbishments, with extensive wiring requirements and a range of needs depending on each unique company. Over 30 years of experience on our team means that we can deliver truly complete installations, designing the system, fitting it, integrating into other systems such as alarm and security, and making any adjustments to power distribution set ups.

As the electrical needs of commercial and industrial businesses continually changes, we often find that adaptations also need to be made to the power supply feeding the building, and our team's expertise extends to works on these systems that meet all legislative and safety requirements. Through our design and installation experience we ensure that our client's power needs are always met, and can even be future proofed against future change and expansion.

Our range of lighting installations provided for commercial and industrial clients includes;

  • General office lighting
  • Computer environment lighting
  • Warehouse and large area lighting
  • Security and emergency lighting systems
  • Exterior lighting

Some of the areas we often carry out work on for commercial and industrial property power supplies includes;

  • Mains and sub-mains distribution and equipment
  • Single and phase three capability and experience
  • Power system design and installations
  • Energy efficient power supplies including solar

You can find more details of our commercial electrical contracting services and our bespoke packaged comprehensive interior fit outs on this website, as well as details of some recent projects for clients including the Royal Wimbledon Golf Club and the Pure Gym chain. To arrange an initial visit and survey contact us at any time to speak with our electrician team.

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