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Keep your staff safe with Security Lighting

Security LightingWhether providing simple washes of light through the night or reacting to alarms or emergency incidents, we can fit a wide range of security lighting systems and features.

With many commercial and industrial properties falling quiet at night there are plenty of opportunities for security breaches hidden away from the eyes of passers by or even patrolling security guards, particularly on industrial or retail estates where there is little evening activity. Security lighting can provide a constant wash of light around shadowy areas leaving any intruders feeling exposed, or a more reactive response being triggered by intruders to draw rapid attention to them.

Decades of security lighting expertise

We have specialist lighting, CCTV and intruder alarm installers that have years of experience to ensure your properties and the valuables held within it are much safer.

Emergency lighting can make a huge difference

In addition to automated security lighting installations our team of electricians can also install emergency lighting systems, running on alternative power sources in case of a loss of power from the grid, or in the case of the standard lighting system being damaged or disabled, perhaps during a fire when security lighting could be critical to saving lives. Emergency lighting operates automatically in a range of situations such as a power cut or in the event of a fire alarm.

Our security systems are tailored around your specific requirements and to meet your needs. We provide a wide range of fire alarms, intruder alarms, CCTV systems and access control systems to our clients so you are assured to have a safer property. With the system set up to meet your requirements, you are assured to have a safer working environment.

We design and install a complete range of security lighting and other systems for clients based throughout the UK across commercial, industrial and public sectors to the highest quality standards, with our primary range of installations including;

Across this website you can find a range of information on our commercial electrical contracting services, bespoke fit packages for comprehensive interior fit outs and a gallery portfolio of our recent electrical contracting projects carried out for clients including the Royal Wimbledon Golf Club and Pure Gym. For more details on our services and to arrange a site visit, survey and quotation contact us and speak to our expert electricians today.

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